Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the glory of God

by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our vision is: 

          All of Christ

                in All of Life

                       for All the World

Our Distinctives

Leadership: Shepherd Team

We are led by a team of biblically qualified male elders who serve as shepherds under Christ.  Each elder acts with equal authority, yet differs in their responsibilities.  Elders work in mutual regard, collaboration, and unity with one another.  They make decisions on behalf of the church with both prayerful conviction and pastoral sensitivity.

Gospel-Driven Corporate Worship

We gather for corporate worship to glorify God by exalting Christ through the Holy Spirit.  We worship in accordance with and reliance on God's Word, the Bible.  We are committed to Christ-centered, expository preaching and intentionally coordinated worship services.

Loving, Sacrificial Fellowship

We aspire for Christ's sacrificial love to be experienced within the fellowship of the body. This love is manifest through a joyful and costly commitment in ministering to one another's needs through sacrificial giving in relationships, possessions, and service.

Intentional Gospel Outreach

We want the gospel to be shared everywhere.  This means intentionally encouraging disciples in their personal responsibility to local and global evangelism as well as providing corporate opportunities for outreach.

Family Discipleship

We desire families to function according to God's Word.  We affirm that both singleness and marriage are distinct blessings from God.  In regards to marriage, we disciple men and women towards the unique, complementary roles designed by God.  Parents are to be the primary shepherds in the discipleship of their children, with the church taking a supplemental role.


We seek to foster a culture of persistent, Spirit-led prayer.  Prayer acknowledges our total need for God and that apart from Christ we can do nothing.  Therefore, we regularly gather to pray for one another, others, and the ministry of the church.


We fight for simplicity in our programming to allow time for disciples to be faithful to Christ in every area of life (home, work, neighborhood, etc).  Therefore, we strive to only plan corporate programs and events designed to fulfill our mission.