Bible Adventure Week - June 18-21, 6:15-8:30pm

Join us for a week of fun and learning from God's Word! Kids from Pre-K thru 5th Grade will be playing games, doing crafts, watching skits, having snacks, singing songs and learning the good news of how God has rescued us. We will be diving into the story of Daniel and how God helped in a far away place. Come enjoy a free, fun-filled week at the Redemption Hill campus - you won't want to miss it!

Last time...

...we went on a Pirate Adventure, exploring the book of Ephesians as PROOF Pirates.  We played games with our mateys and learned a lot about God's plan to rescue us!  

We always opened our night with music and motions.  Kids stay with their "tribes" and tribe leaders throughout the night.  

A Typical Evening at Bible Adventure Week

Once kids check in, we'll have some adults ready to play with them and keep their attention until we get started at 6:15pm.  Tribe leaders will gather their classes for the Opening Celebration time (6:15-6:45pm).  Then they'll head out for a rotation of Bible lesson, Games, Snack and Crafts (6:45-8:15).  Each of the stations are age appropriate and help to underscore what they're learning about God.  We come back together for a few closing songs before we head out (8:15-8:30pm).  On the final night we'll have a special schedule since parents are invited to join us for a performance for the last section of the evening.